Ever since 21st Century, the new-round scientific and technological revolution and energy reformation reconstruct the global innovation landscape and reshape the global energy structure, while energy transformation accelerates towards the green and low-carbon era with new energy as the chunk. At the national ecological environmental protection conference, President Xi Jinping points out that we should fully push the green development, adjust the economic structure and energy structure, and develop clean energy industry.

Over the past 25 years, Mingyang Smart Energy focuses on green and low-carbon development, and clungs to the major high-end new energy equipment sector, which is regarded as one of important industries of one state. Mingyang is now a leading enterprise in green economy based in Guangdong province, which produces more than 7,000 sets of independently developed and uniquely designed wind turbines, and invests and operates more than 200 wind farms throughout the world with an accumulated wind turbine capacity as high as 23000 megawatts delivered and an accumulated green and clean energy of more than 360 billion kilowatts provided. At present, our new energy industry making use of wind power, solar energy, biomass energy and recyclable energy is distributed in more than 20 provinces, regions and cities in China, whose total power generation capacity can meet the power demand of a medium-sized city with a population of five million for one year. Compared with the traditional thermal power, nearly 40 million tons of standard coal can be spared and over 100 million tons of carbon emission can be avoided.

Mingyang Smart Energy practices the green concept in all links such as product design, manufacturing, sales and operation and maintenance. With the creation of green and smart wind farms as our goal, and based on the energy service and management mode innovation in big-data and block chains, Mingyang realizes the connectivity and efficient utilization of green energy, and promotes the concept of green value among clients, o1fwners as well as the whole society. Meanwhile, we join hands with suppliers to create the green biological supply chain, to protect the environment to the most extent and undertake the corporate mission of supporting environmental protection.

With the significant mission in such important historical period, Mingyang Smart Energy, as a powerful green enterprise, becomes a model of practicing President Xi Jinping’s green development concept by means of developing and enlarging our green energy sector. We will join hands with all walks of the society and peers to make progress, and build the Beautiful China with blue sky, clean water and green lands. We will benefit the whole world by providing smart energy, and make greater contributions to the energy transformation and green and low-carbon development in the world!