Photovoltaic Products

CdTe thin film solar modules manufactured by Mingyang Smart Energy is the first PV product in China that was granted double certifications from CGC and VDE. Compared with c-Si solar modules, they generate more power in low irradiance, perform better in various weather conditions. They are safer, more friendly to environment, and have better appearance. They are widely used in solar farms, distributed systems and BIPV projects. We are dedicated to continuously improve the efficiency and lower the cost, and determined to be a significant partner in green building, i.e. zero or low emission building industry.

  • 0 % Component Efficiency
  • 0 years Product material and process warranty
  • 0 years Excess linear power output
  • Double glass light transmissive module

    Double glass light transmissive module

  • Colored light transmissive module

    Colored light transmissive module

  • Power Glass Plus

    Power Glass Plus

  • Insulated hollow module

    Insulated hollow module

  • Module with colored glaze

    Module with colored glaze

  • Irregular-shaped module

    Irregular-shaped module

Technology and R&D Team at Ruike New Energy

Our subsidiary company, Ruike New Energy developed its core thin film deposition technology in the US after years of hard work. The equipment we invented can manufacture high efficiency CdTe solar modules with high throughput and excellent repeatability. A 100MW CdTe solar module production line had been set up and started mass production in June 2018.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

Our CdTe solar module achieved highest module efficiency in China and is one of the best in the world. The R&D team in US lab has recorded 19%+ cell efficiency certified by third parties.

Development Capability for Core Equipment

Development Capability for Core Equipment

Our R&D team developed our own proprietary key thin film deposition equipment, among which GVD coater is the first of its kind in China, filling the technology gap.

World Class R&D Platform and Resources

World Class R&D Platform and Resources

Our R&D center is located in Silicon Valley in the US, where the best technology is being invented, and best brains meet and exchange ideas every day. Our US center provides a unique advantage in terms of technical talents, state of art equipment and technology, and is the source for sustainable development.

Advanced Smart Energy Strategy

Advanced Smart Energy Strategy

With wind, light, storage and grid industrial resources from parent company Mingyang Smart Energy, Ruike is exploring the possibility to integrate wind farm, solar farm, energy storage, power generation, power transmission and energy sales together, laying out the general strategy, developing a new manufacturing/financing business model. We are reshaping the traditional industry in many fronts including finance, development, operation and transaction to build a unique Mingyang model that cannot be easily copied by others.