Zhongshan Ruike New Energy Co. Ltd. (“Ruike New Energy”), a subsidiary company of Mingyang Smart Energy, was founded and led by a group of Stanford graduates in August 2015 to develop CdTe thin film solar module manufacturing technology and provide PV power generation integrated solutions. Centered around our core technology, CdTe thin film PV, we can provide diverse services to meet our customers’ needs, including module customization, project consultation, solution design, construction and installation, maintenance, and financial investment.

Project Consultation
Project feasibility analysis

Ruike New Energy has a strong project development team with extensive experience in early stage project development. We can prepare complete project feasibility reports, including light resource analysis, construction condition evaluation, customer power consumption analysis, capacity evaluation, ROI analysis, grid connection solution, rigorous investment analysis and project suggestions.

Solution Design
Whole-variety PV power station solutions/BIPV integrated solutions

Ruike New Energy has extensive design experience in a wide variety of PV power stations, including large scale solar farms, distributed PV systems and rooftop systems. We can provide safe, efficient and low-cost solutions for off-grid or on-grid systems by taking advantage of the high performance of thin film solar modules. Meanwhile, we also team with top tier architecture design institutes to provide our customer with BIPV integrated solutions to improve building energy efficiency.

Construction and Installation
Whole-variety power station turnkey projects

Ruike New Energy has a professional team with extensive experience in construction project management. By applying specialized construction technology, standardized operation procedures, scientific project management concepts and industrial chain resource integration, we can provide our clients with high quality, digitized premium power stations.

After-sales Operation and Maintenance
After-sales operation and maintenance service for the whole service life cycle

Unmanned power station can be realized through remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, remote repair solution issuance by advanced information technology based on Mingyang Smart Energy big data platform and smart management system. Both equipment and station level monitoring and maintenance can be accomplished remotely and instantly. We also provide after-service module recycling for environment protection and sustainability.

Financial Investment
Diversified business model

We can provide various business collaboration models by adopting multiple financing channels to facilitate implementation of quality projects, thus create a win-win situation for all parties.